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To compete in the new normal economy, logistics managers must pick their service partners carefully, linking new-fashioned expectations with old-fashioned know how.

That’s why some of the world’s most respected companies trust LTN International to execute their most demanding air, ocean and ground logistics and transportation operations. Having Served the Industry for over 18 years, we are the Industry Leaders serving some of the major Business Houses and Manufacturers in Jamaica.

For over six years, we have deployed the best transportation and logistics information tools, as well as experienced people at the point of customer contact to help our customers grow.

Our approach is simple: We get to know our customers by listening and learning about their needs. Then we deliver individual solutions that improve effectiveness and minimize spend:

  • Reducing costs of existing processes

  • Improving cycle times

  • Entering fast-growing markets

  • Analyzing, designing and managing logistics processes

  • Planning for rapid economic growth

  • Developing infrastructures that flexes with changing business demands

A privately owned company headquartered in Jamaica, LTN Logistics International is founded on a vision to be the best global logistics provider in the world. Today, you’ll find LTN People over-achieving wherever you are – with our Logistics Partners between Beijing and Brussels, Singapore and Sao Paulo, Toronto and Tokyo, Milan and Manchester, and in more than 45 cities across the globe.

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Reliable Logistics Service


People, process and technology that reach beyond common performance.  To deliver the finest service experience in the world. 

It begins with a solid understanding of operating standards and processes. Understanding the logistics requirements of our global customers and supply chain partners. And implementing continuous improvement initiatives to ensure the tools and processes are in place to deliver a service experience of unexpected value.

Accountability: Combining experience you can trust with performance you can measure.

  • Monthly report cards for each LTN Customer around the world helps us continually raise our performance bar

  • Internal file audits help us evaluate and fine-tune our processes

Customer Care: “Small enough to care, large enough to leverage value” is the way we have conducted business for 6 years.

  • Privately owned, we never lose sight of what matters most

  • Nimble to changing business conditions, we provide the follow-through you expect

  • Training and education for our people to promote professional growth and achieve higher performance levels

Enduring Relationships: Enhanced communications ensure people and processes are working in concert to deliver seamless, quality customer service.

  • Solid operations and flawless execution

  • Experienced local leadership and staff who thoroughly understand local laws, cultures, business practices and regulations

  • First and only Customs Broker to be invited to World Customs Organization (WCO) to participate in Tariff Related Matters by the Director General of the WCO. We were single handedly selected because of our expertise and knowledge of the Customs Harmonized Tariff Systems.

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